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District champs and state runners-up
Hayes donates over $32,000 to UK Dance Blue
Brandon Tedja- 5th place at state MathCounts meet
Home of the Panthers
Drew Zimmerman - 2nd place at State Agriscience Fair

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The Panther Promise

The Panther Promise is the creed by which all Edythe J. Hayes Middle School students, faculty, and staff abide by.  As a school, we believe that our top priorities are to "learn daily, laugh often, lead respectfully, and live responsibly."  These are not just words, but principles that guide are work, priorities, and decisions.  If an action cannot be directly linked to The Panther Promise we avoid that action.  Our school is based around these ideas, which help us create a focused, positive, engaging, and fun learning environment.

Learn Daily

We are committed to providing our students with a comprehensive and engaging educational experience that fosters both academic growth and personal development. Hayes’ student performance is the highest in our district amongst middle schools. Based on Spring 2024 MAP data, our students have the highest percentage of students scoring proficient and distinguished and the lowest percentage of students scoring novice in both reading and math.

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Laugh Often

Middle school is a vibrant and dynamic stage of life, where students embark on a journey of self-discovery, friendships, and growth. Laughter is the universal language of happiness, and Hayes middle school students seem to have mastered this art effortlessly. Whether it's sharing a joke with friends during lunch, finding amusement in a quirky teacher's antics, or simply being themselves in the company of peers, their laughter creates an atmosphere of positivity and unity. It's not just a sound; it's a powerful connection that brings students closer, building bonds that often last well beyond their middle school years.

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Lead Respectfully

At Hayes, middle school students are more than just learners; they are shining examples of respectful leadership. Through their actions, attitudes, and interactions, these young leaders show us what it means to create a harmonious and inclusive environment. With a deep commitment to respect and empathy, they inspire both their peers and the entire school community to embrace kindness, understanding, and cooperation.

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Live Responsibly

At the heart of responsible living is our middle schoolers' dedication to their studies. Our goal is for our students to approach their academic responsibilities with diligence, completing assignments on time, participating actively in class discussions, and seeking help when needed. This commitment to their education not only propels their personal growth but also motivates their peers to excel.

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