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Teams and Departments

Edythe J. Hayes Middle School is organized by teaching teams and departments.  

In sixth grade, our students are organized into three teaching teams, comprised of one teacher for each content area- language arts, math, science, and social studies.  This organization allows for a smoother elementary to middle school transition, and streamlines communication between teachers and families.  Each team has an assigned team leader for communication purposes.

In seventh and eighth grade, students are not grouped into teams, but rather one large grade level.  This allows for better flexibility in scheduling, since students may begin high school level courses.  Team leaders are assigned to the seventh and eighth grade for organization and management purposes, but communication should be conducted directly with the teacher.

Our Academy Preparation Program is divided into two departments- Career and Technical Education along with Arts and Humanities.  Each department is then organized into three smaller teams.  Learn more about our Academy Prep Program under the Academics menu.