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What is the Accelerated Learning Program?

The ALP offers advanced courses for students who qualify.  Our goal is to increase the number of students who enroll and are successful in Advanced Placement courses in high school.  Our program is structured to allow a student to take courses in which they demonstrate a significant strength, rather than an "all or nothing" approach.

How does a student qualify for the Accelerated Learning Program?

We use multiple measures in order for students to qualify for ALP courses.  Currently, we utilize the following measures:

 Students much meet criteria annually in order to participate in the accelerated learning program.

In addition, any student who currently is not enrolled in an ALP course may seek to qualify for an ALP course, by signing up for the CERT and DBQ assessments.  Students already enrolled in ALP courses are automatically administered these assessments.

To see criteria for each course, please refer to our Student Assignment Policy

When do you offer your ALP test?

For incoming sixth graders, our ALP test is offered several times after the winter break.  

For current sixth and seventh graders, assessments are adminstered throughout the year.

How do I sign up for an ALP test?

In order to sign up for the ALP test for the current school year, please click below.

Available high school credits

Students can take advantage of several dual credit opportunities at Edythe J. Hayes Middle School.  In order to earn a high school credit for available courses, students must earn a B or higher (80% or higher) overall grade for the course(s) taken.

Courses available for high school credit are:

  • Algebra I
  • Agricultre science (must take the 18-week 7th grade course and the 18-week 8th grade course)
  • Digital literacy (must take the 18-week 7th grade course and the 18-week 8th grade course)
  • English I (only offered to 8th grade students
  • Geometry
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II

If students successfully complete these courses, they could have the opportunity to take additional dual credit courses in high school, with the potential to earn an associates degree before they graduate high school.