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What is the Panther Promise Project


To begin during the 2022-2023 school year

The Panther Promise Project is a defense-of-learning program.  8th grade students will be afforded the opportunity to showcase their learning over the course of their middle school years.  

Students will develop a digital portfolio of their work and experiences at Edythe J. Hayes Middle School, and present their collection of work to a committee of community members, faculty, and staff.  

The Panther Promise Project has four goals:

  • To give students the skills to be successful and competitive in high school and the 21st century
  • To showcase the attributes of our students while collaborating with community stakeholders.
  • To provide an opportunity for every student to showcase their experiences and accomplishments at Hayes.
  • To increase rigor, relevance, and intentionality across all contents.

The Panther Promise Project will begin with the Panther Class of 2023, who will be the first class to defend their learning to out community.

The Academy Preparation Committee has been charged with developing the Panther Promise Project.  Below is a list of the research used to develop the project in conjunction with the development of the Academy Preparation Program.