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Employability Operating System

The Employability Operating System, or eOS, is an online tool the school uses to track level I student behavior.  Students are provided school wide expectations that they are to meet during the course of the school day.  

Principals will review each student’s percentages on meeting expectations at the end of the day on Friday, report to team leaders and contact families of the students who did not meet behavior expectations for the week. Principals will assign the appropriate consequence using the tiered system outlined below.


Students who earn 4-5 infractions within a one-week period (Monday-Friday) will be given one of the following consequences:

  • 30-minute detention
  • Lunch detention, at principal discretion


Students who earn 6-8 infractions within a one-week period (Monday-Friday) will be given one of the following consequences:

  • One-hour detention
  • All day team isolation


Students who earn more than 8 infractions within a one-week period (Monday-Friday) will be given one of the following consequences:

  • 1 ½ hour detention
  • All day team isolation with another grade level
  • Parent/teacher/administrator conference will be held


Notification to parents will be made via phone, email, or a paper copy of notice given to student.  Students who miss detention will be referred to the grade level administrator for further action. 


Teams will regularly discuss student behavior progress and meet to determine appropriate interventions on the team level with the MTSS Behavior teacher, guidance counselor, YSC coordinator, and administrator.

At each mid-term and end-of-term (4.5 weeks), administration and counselors will review students’ cumulative percentages on the eOS.  Student whose cumulative percentage is below 98% for the 4.5 week period or receive three or more detentions during this time frame will be flagged for further intervention.

Once flagged, the grade level team will meet to determine interventions for the student.  During a management meeting conducted by administration, the team and administration will determine next possible steps for intervention, which can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Behavior intervention plan or behavior contract
  • Placement change, including the Re-Hayes-ing program
  • Use of outside resources or agencies

Students who are placed on an intervention plan will be assigned a staff point-of-contact, who will regularly report to progress to the team.  Any plan developed for the student will be shared with all adults who interact with the student on a daily basis.  An intervention plan may supersede the eOS for a particular student.

Teachers will be required to enter comments in the eOS if a student doesn’t meet expectations.