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School Expectations

Maintaining orderly behavior

Ways to violate this expectation                                                             

  • Students use electronic devices outside of approved times.
  • Student’s behavior disrupts the flow of classroom instruction/assessment.
  • Student’s behavior disrupts classroom activity/assessment.
  • Student’s behavior requires intervention of an adult regardless of location. If teacher addresses this more than once in a class period, the teacher should call the MTSS Behavior teacher.       

Demonstrating respect to adults and peers

Ways to violate this expectation       

  • Student uses an inappropriate response to adult request.
  • Student makes a comment or statement that is insulting to adult or peer.
  • Student does not respond to adult direction or instruction to perform an action.
  • Student takes or damages minor property, such as pencils or paper, that is not their own. Property damage of electronic devices, clothing, or school materials should be written as an office referral.

Reporting prepared to location on time          

Ways to violate this expectation                                                                                                 

  • Student is not in assigned area in the classroom when the tardy bell rings, or if on alternate schedule, at the designated time.
  • Student does not return to designated area after being given an ePass or hallpass in the allotted amount of time.
  • Student does not report to class with required materials, including homework.

Staying on task during work times

Ways to violate this expectation                                                                               

  • Student is not performing task, activity, assignment, or assessment as directed by adult, but is not disrupting the flow of instruction or activity.
  • This includes, but not limited to, sleeping in class, or engaged in conversation with another student that is not pertaining to class.

Following classroom specific rules   

Ways to violate this expectation                                           

  • Student breaks a rule specific to a particular classroom, such as possession or use of candy, food, drink, gum, or backpacks. Classroom rule is posted and reviewed with students through CHAMPS.