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Staff of the Week

WEEK OF MAY 20, 2024

“I'd like to give my Panther Praise to Lauren Hyde! She had one the biggest hand in throwing our first annual MAPFEST. Lauren organized student goals, distributed wristbands, created schedules, scheduled inflatables, placed supervision, and even shaved ice to make sure the event worked out! The students really appreciated the recognition of achieving their MAP goal and the reward that was tied to it.

We are lucky to have Lauren on our seventh-grade team and leading the language arts department.” - Jon Donahue

WEEK OF MAY 13, 2024

"This week I’d like to pass the panther praise to Jonathan Donahue. I knew I would not need to stress leaving for maternity leave because whoever would take over my classroom would have all the resources needed to be successful. Donahue set up instructional slides, canvas modules, printed out weekly packets and continuously helped the permanent subs that took over. Any time I wasn’t able to attend a PLC, he’d stop in to check up on me to make sure I was prepared for the week and see if I needed anything. He dedicates hours of his week towards creating engaging lessons and trying to give his students the most positive experience in his classroom. He is a great teacher that loves his students and shows his passion in everything that he does. Thanks for all your help this year Jon!”- Fatin Ali

WEEK OF MAY 6, 2024

"I’d like to pass along the praise to Mrs. Fatin Ali. She has had so much going on this year and has handled it like an absolute champ. The excitement your students (and colleagues) had when you returned after maternity leave is a true testament of how amazing of a teacher you are. Your innovative ideas, classroom management, and content knowledge make you an incredible teacher. Your personality and sense of humor make you an even better friend. You will be greatly missed!!”" - LeAnn Hall

WEEK OF APRIL 29, 2024

“I am thrilled to pass the Panther Praise to LeAnn Hall. Since becoming a Panther LeAnn has been an invaluable mentor and friend. Her guidance and support have been instrumental. Whenever I have a question or need advice on how to teach the content so that it’s easier for students to understand, LeAnn is always there to give me valuable insights and practical tips/tricks. Her dedication to her students is evident in everything she does, and her genuine passion for teaching is truly inspiring. LeAnn goes above and beyond to ensure her students are successful. Our coworker status has developed into close friendship, and I am forever grateful for her support and encouragement not only in the classroom but life in general.”- Jessica Wicker

WEEK OF APRIL 22, 2024

“I am going to pass on the praise to my longtime friend and colleague, Jessica Wicker. Jess is a fighter and never gives up! Since coming to Hayes she has learned the 8th grade math content, handled a very challenging schedule with grace, and has been a bright light and friendly face to everyone she encounters. I’m sad I don’t get to work next to her each day like in the past, but I know I have to share her with everyone else! Thanks for being my ride or die Jess!!" - Katie Crum

WEEK OF APRIL 15, 2024

“This week I’d like to pass on the Panther Praise to Katie Crum. Katie is a wonderful teacher. She works hard to provide engaging lessons for the students. If the students aren’t understanding the concept, she will stop and find a different way to teach, whether by using a new strategy or a completely different lesson. Despite making me the official “paper passer outer” (which I have fully embraced), Katie has welcomed me into her classroom and treated me with kindness. I appreciate her humor and enjoy our daily banter. Thanks for being you!" - Jaelyn Spera


“I would like to pass the Panther Praise to Jaelyn Spera. Jaelyn is not only a wonderful colleague to the teachers and staff she works with but is a true friend to everyone who surrounds her. She listens to others without judgement or hesitation and is always quick to lend a helping hand wherever needed. Jaelyn is one of the most amazing DHH teachers I have ever had the privilege of working with. She always has the students’ best interests at heart and will advocate for them in any way possible. She has been my rock through all of the hardships that have been thrown my way and I could not be more grateful for her love, support, and friendship. " - Laura Marshall

WEEK OF MARCH 25, 2024

“I would like to pass on the Panther Praise to Laura Marshall.  From my first day here, she has always offered a smile & a kind word in passing.  Whether she is holding the door for students & staff as we go to and from the outside portables, or if it’s just crossing paths in the hallway, she is always the same.  Her friendly demeanor is always evident and as a new staff member in the building, I appreciate that more than you know.  There are others who I could praise for this as well, but Laura stands out to me for continuing to be a cheerful face even after the tough time she has had lately.  I know I missed her smile when she wasn’t here.  I’m not in class with Laura, but I can just imagine how her personality shines through to her students." - Rebecca Hubbard

WEEK OF MARCH 18, 2024

“I would like to pass the Panther Praise on to Rebecca Hubbard. Rebecca has been a great addition to our 8th grade team! It's not easy joining a school or team mid-year, but she has done so effortlessly. It's obvious that she has put a lot of time and effort into making this transition. 

I have had the pleasure of coteaching with her for the last couple of months. She is always willing to do whatever I need or go along with whatever crazy ideas 8th grade science comes up with. She is great with all the kids and never hesitates to step in to help. I appreciate her positive and easy-going demeanor, especially when it comes to the all the quirks co-teach brings to the classroom. Thank you for all that you do!" - Alexis Morgan

WEEK OF MARCH 11, 2024

“Alexis Morgan is this week’s Panther Praise recipient. We all know Alexis as a Science teacher extraordinaire. Along with your compadres Heaton and Livingood, they bring science alive. Through exceptional knowledge and passion for teaching students, Alexis provides an atmosphere of learning that is second to none.

Alexis’s awesomeness does not stop in the classroom.  She also excels as a track coach, helping lead the boys’ track team to a state championship. Her relay team was a thing of beauty, if you ask her about it, she will happily show you the video. Now, as the Head Track Coach, Alexis led the girl's team to second place at the State Championship last year, organizing two relay teams that smashed the state records.

In addition, to Alexis’ teaching and coaching expertise, she is also an adult intramural sports RINGER. If you want to win an adult intramural sports title Alexis is the key. She has been the anchor for multiple kickball, indoor soccer, and flag football titles. If you want a sports championship, excellence in the classroom, or simply a wonderful friend to spend time with, Alexis is a real-life Ringer!

Congratulation Alexis!" - Steve Railey


“Buckle up because today we're shining the spotlight on none other than the one and only Steve Railey!

First off, let's talk about Steve's uncanny ability to coach football like a wizard. Seriously, his football teams don't just win, they dominate! It's like he's got some secret playbook stashed away in his sock drawer or something. District championships? Pfft, Steve practically has a monopoly on those!

But Steve isn't just a gridiron genius; he's also a seventh-grade social studies whiz. His dedication to his students is unparalleled, and his knack for making history come alive in the classroom is nothing short of legendary. From ancient civilizations to modern geopolitics, Steve's got it covered.

Now, let's not forget about Steve's other passions. The man is practically a globetrotting aficionado! Not content with just teaching his students about the world, he takes them on international adventures that they'll remember for a lifetime. And hey, who wouldn't want Steve as their tour guide? I mean, the guy practically speaks three languages: English, football, and social studies!

Oh, and did I mention that Steve is a master of restoration? Yeah, he's currently channeling his inner mechanic to bring his late father's old car back to life. It's like something out of a classic movie, complete with wrenches flying and sparks flying. We're all eagerly awaiting the day when Steve rolls up to school in that vintage beauty.

Now, let's talk about Steve's musical prowess. The man is a concert connoisseur, attending more gigs in a year than most people attend family reunions. From rock to jazz to classical, Steve's taste in tunes is as eclectic as it gets. And hey, if you ever need a concert buddy, Steve's your guy. Just make sure you're ready to rock out until the break of dawn!

In conclusion, Steve is not just a teacher; he's a force of nature. His infectious energy, combined with his passion for education and adventure, make him a true asset to our school community. So here's to you, Steve! Thanks for keeping us entertained, inspired, and maybe just a little bit jealous of your amazing life." - Brandon Castillo


“I would like to take a moment to recognize one of our outstanding colleagues, Mr. Brandon Castillo, for his remarkable contributions to our school community.

As many of you know, Brandon wears many hats here at our school. Not only does he excel as an 8th-grade social studies teacher, but he also serves as a dedicated coach for both cross country and boys lacrosse. Additionally, he generously volunteers his time to lead our Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings, providing guidance and support to our students beyond the classroom.

One of the most admirable qualities about Brandon is his ability to connect with students on a personal level. His warm demeanor, coupled with his great sense of humor, creates an inviting atmosphere where students feel valued and supported. It's no surprise that he is so well-liked among our student body.

Furthermore, Brandon's contributions to our social studies team are invaluable. He consistently takes the lead in developing quizzes and tests, ensuring that our 8th-grade curriculum remains engaging and rigorous.

Outside of school, Brandon leads an active lifestyle, enjoying hobbies such as hiking, rock climbing, and playing Frisbee golf. His adventurous spirit and zest for life are truly inspiring.

While we celebrate Brandon's many accomplishments, it's important to acknowledge that he, like all of us, is not without his quirks. Yes, he may occasionally miss a meeting or be a bit last-minute on things, but his dedication to his students and colleagues never wavers.

Let's also not forget his unmistakable big red truck, a testament to his vibrant personality and unique style.

At just 25 years old, Brandon represents the bright future of education. His passion for teaching and mentoring shines through in everything he does, setting a commendable example for both his peers and his students.

So, please join me in expressing our heartfelt gratitude to Brandon for his unwavering commitment to our school community. Thank you, Brandon, for all that you do!" - David Kitchen


“We would like to pass the Panther Praise on to David Kitchen. We really enjoy seeing how you interact with our students in the mornings.  You are obviously well liked!  You always has a smile on your face and is are joy to speak to in the mornings when we are in the halls serving breakfast. Thanks for being you!” - Erik and the Café Crew


“I would like to pass the Panther Praise to Eric Ansley and the Cafeteria Staff!  Thank you for all the things you and your crew do for us and the students on a daily basis!  Thank you for having ice set out for us every morning!  Thank you for allowing us to store our sodas, popsicles, and ice cream for student rewards and dances! Thank you for always being so kind to the kids and making sure that everyone who needs breakfast gets it, even if they are late to school. Thank you for providing cups and water for students at lunch!  Thank you for always being so kind, having a positive attitude, and so much more! You all are amazing!!" - Alexis Goforth


“This week I would like to pass the Panther praise on to Alexis Goforth. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Alexis for the past year. I can honestly say that I am blown away at her level of dedication to all the hats that she wears at Hayes. She goes above and beyond in anything that she puts her hands on. Alexis is an asset and ally for both the 7th grade students and teachers.  She is energetic and that passion and energy is contagious to those around her. Thanks for all that you do!” - Sammy Hall


“I would like to pass the Panther Praise to Sammy Hall.  I have known Sammy for many years and knew he was a great guy, but it wasn’t until I arrived at Hayes that I saw how great of asset he is to this building. Sammy is always smiling when dealing with crazy student behavior, infinite Chromebook issues, cafeteria duty, or whatever else falls in his lap. His positive attitude is contagious!  He is truly a “Mr. Everything” at Hayes.  Thank you Sammy for being a great colleague and friend to me and so many others!" - Mike Jones


“I would like to pass the Panther Praise to Mr. Mike Jones! I work with Mike on a daily basis and let me tell you he is a first-class educator. He makes sure students are supported, regardless of their needs. He’s quick to throw a joke at them too, whether they get it or not, it makes my day a little brighter! We are so lucky to have Mike at Hayes. He’s been a great addition to our staff and I’m proud to have him as a colleague and a friend!" - Jason Pack


“Thank you so much, Kegan for the kind words. For this week, I want to pass it along to Jason Pack. I have the privilege of sharing morning duty with Pack, and it is genuinely one of the best parts of my day. Pack is a bit of an unsung hero in our building; he works with our toughest kiddos every single day, while wearing multiple hats, and always with a joke or two up his sleeve. The Hayes family is so lucky to have such a dedicated and caring educator, coach, and friend on our team." - Morgan Miller


“For this week's Panther Praise, I would like to pass it along to Morgan Miller. I know we are close friends, but honestly, I think a ton of people at Hayes think of her that way. Morgan works so hard at all the things. She goes to great lengths to give her students quality learning experiences and is so relational that I know her students love being in her room. I’ve learned so much every time I’ve been able to see her teach. Morgan also values her colleagues and is always willing to share ideas. She organizes lunches for our lunch crew to facilitate community. Morgan is always available to help, keeps us all laughing, and makes us better educators by her example. It truly feels like she’s been at Hayes forever." - Kegan Leadingham


“I would like to pass the Panter Praise to Kegan Leadingham.   Kegan does so much for everyone in the building, from making posters to collaborating with teachers to create fun learning experiences for students! Her positive attitude and love for learning make the Student Center one of the most welcoming places in the building. Thank you for being so easy to work with and for always encouraging wild ideas, you are the best!” - Peyton Alcott


"I would like to recognize Peyton Alcott with the Panther Praise.  She is an incredibly dedicated and kind natured educator.  She makes decisions in the classroom using the lens of what is best for kids.  She gives her students experiences and activities that will help them for the rest of their lives.  All with a quick wit and a wonderful sense of humor. " - Rob Rambach


"I want to pass on the Panther Praise to Rob Rambach.  Rob has been a great addition to our school, and I love seeing all the cool things the kids get to do in his class.  Rob always has a kind word and smile to give, and I appreciate his dedication to our school and his new position.”  - Eddie Chenault


"I want to take a moment this week to recognize Eddie Chenault. Since I started at Hayes, he's been a solid source of support. Mr. Eddie is the kind of person you can count on for a hand when you need it or just a quick check-in. He's made Hayes feel a bit more like home, and he is a crucial part of our Hayes Family.  I often catch him talking to kids and forming meaningful connections with staff and students alike. He is thoughtful and kind. It's those small gestures that make a big difference. So, here's to Mr. Eddie – thanks for being that reliable and grounding presence at Hayes.”- Jasmine Lofton


"I would like to recognize Jasmine Lofton. She always has a good attitude and a smile to share with others. She has developed positive relationships with her students that spill over to the outside of her classroom walls. Even at the end of the most challenging school days, Jasmine digs deep and manages to give more of herself to others by working with students in the Somos Panteras group as well as working with the Academic Team. She has also been instrumental with helping me brush up on my Spanish from time to time!  Jasmine exemplifies positivity and what it means to be kind in the most difficult situations. I am personally grateful for her example.” - RaMona Coleman


"I would like to recognize RaMona Coleman for being the quiet voice and advocate for our students. She has a special gift to change the lives of some of our most difficult students. Ramona’s patience and calm demeanor is benefical to the support provided to our students.  She is always eager to assist with YSC activities and programs. Her creativity and crafty ways is something to be admired. Thanks for all you silently do to help our students reach their fullest potential." - Carla Mack


"I would like to recognize Carla Mack for this week's Panther Praise. Carla always goes above and beyond to help our kids and her coworkers. She chaperones choir trips, allows me to use her room for auditions, and helps students with the resources they need to be successful. I had a student that did not internet access at home, and she worked with the family to get her a hotspot. That student and countless more and lucky to have her. " - Emily Levey


“I would like to recognize Emily Levey this week. It’s been so nice getting to know her as my hall monitor buddy, and she always is so positive and kind. Students tell me she’s a great teacher and that she wants all students to feel included and to have fun in her class. She helps make our school great for both students and staff!" - Kylie Qualls


“When I was thinking of who to recognize for the panther praise Kylie Qualls came to mind immediately. She has hit the floor the floor running from day one.  She is a huge asset and we are so lucky to have her here at Hayes!!" -  Jody Asher


“I am honored to pass the Panther Praise on to Jody Asher. She truly is the epitome of what it means to be a Panther. Anything we ever need we all know we can count on Jody to know the answer or find it out. She is a wealth of knowledge and such an important part of our team. I feel so blessed to work with such an amazing admin team who cares not only for our staff but our kids as well! Proud to be a Panther!!- Becki Cornett


“It can't be reiterated enough how every single person is equally deserving of this award. With that being said, I am passing this along to Becki Cornett. She does so much for all of us, and stepping back into my attendance role she has been invaluable in helping me get back into the groove of things. Her knowledge of all things Hayes is endless! Becki and all of our admin staff are truly a team and it's such a gift to have that. Thank you, Nikki and way to go Becki - I'm so glad to be a Panther again!" - Scarlett Bailey


“I recommend our very own Scarlett Bailey. I am SO glad that Scarlett transferred back to Hayes. While I transitioned into bookkeeping, Scarlett hit the ground running with attendance and helping in all front office duties like she never left. Her knowledge of the job is an obvious asset, and she does everything with a smile. I mean, have you all SEEN how positive she is? I can only hope to have half as much positivity as this woman does! I know our parents are also happy to see you back at ‘the window’. Scarlett, you are amazing and we are so glad you are back!" - Nikki Kiser


“There are so many deserving people for this recognition and this speaks to the quality teachers and culture we have at Hayes. That being said, I nominate Nikki Kiser! She has really stepped into her position and hit the ground running. She is so easy to work with, is fantastic at her job, and always has a smile on her face. Nikki was already a valued member at Hayes and continues to make herself even more invaluable to the Hayes family. We are lucky to have you at Hayes Nikki!" - Nick Payne


“I would like to recognize Nick Payne for this week.  He is able to make meaningful connections with students inside and out of the classroom.  He is able to make content relevant and engaging for his students.  Nick also takes the time to support students and staff with leadership roles throughout the building." - Alan Ford


“I would like to pass the Panther Praise to Alan Ford.  Our sixth graders are lucky to have you this year.  You build meaningful relationships with them that make such a difference.  You are always willing to give a helping hand.  Your hard work and dedication to the kids does not go unnoticed.  We appreciate all you do for us and our kiddos." - Suzanne Hutchinson


“This week I am passing the Panther Praise to Suzanne Hutchinson. She comes to school every day with a smile that is contagious and always makes me laugh. She is the first one to volunteer her time and effort and is willing to share the work she does in order to help others. Suzanne is a hard worker and keeps a positive attitude making it easy for her coworkers and students to love her. Thanks for all you do and for reminding me that everything is fine!” - Amy Hawkins


“This week I am passing on the Panther Praise to Amy Hawkins! Since I have been at Hayes, I have watched Amy and can honestly say she works tirelessly as a teacher and coworker. Every year, I watch as she goes out of her way to help students, coworkers and Administrators. It’s not unusual for Amy to walk in and say Hey, I was thinking about ________ what can we do to help them? Whether it is a student, coworker, or Administrator she is always for what is right and what is best for the school. Her kindness is endless, she is a prayer warrior for many and I am fortunate to not only call her a coworker but also a friend!” - Teresa Grigsby


“I would like to nominate Teresa Grigsby for the Panther Praise this week. Teresa has been through a lot this year and always keeps a positive attitude. I not only admire her, but I also truly appreciate her because she is always easy to work with as far as getting kids out of her class and getting information needed about kids. She is a wonderful and supportive friend and colleague to many people in the building and is a fun person to be around! We are so lucky to work with you here at Hayes, Teresa!” - Mandy Wright


“For this week’s Panther Praise, I am nominating a person who is talented in her own profession but would have been a great counselor too because she likely knows the Enneagram personality type of everyone in the building! To know her is to love her. She welcomes everyone into her heart and is a wonderful service provider to her students. I’ve loved getting to work with and know you, Mandy Wright! You are a treasure!" - Leighann Lakes