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Staff of the Week


"There are so many deserving people for this recognition and this speaks to the quality teachers and culture we have at Hayes. That being said, I nominate Nikki Kiser! She has really stepped into her position and hit the ground running. She is so easy to work with, is fantastic at her job, and always has a smile on her face. Nikki was already a valued member at Hayes and continues to make herself even more invaluable to the Hayes family. We are lucky to have you at Hayes Nikki!" - Nick Payne


"I would like to recognize Nick Payne for this week.  He is able to make meaningful connections with students inside and out of the classroom.  He is able to make content relevant and engaging for his students.  Nick also takes the time to support students and staff with leadership roles throughout the building." - Alan Ford


"I would like to pass the Panther Praise to Alan Ford.  Our sixth graders are lucky to have you this year.  You build meaningful relationships with them that make such a difference.  You are always willing to give a helping hand.  Your hard work and dedication to the kids does not go unnoticed.  We appreciate all you do for us and our kiddos." - Suzanne Hutchinson


"This week I am passing the Panther Praise to Suzanne Hutchinson. She comes to school every day with a smile that is contagious and always makes me laugh. She is the first one to volunteer her time and effort and is willing to share the work she does in order to help others. Suzanne is a hard worker and keeps a positive attitude making it easy for her coworkers and students to love her. Thanks for all you do and for reminding me that everything is fine!” - Amy Hawkins


This week I am passing on the Panther Praise to Amy Hawkins! Since I have been at Hayes, I have watched Amy and can honestly say she works tirelessly as a teacher and coworker. Every year, I watch as she goes out of her way to help students, coworkers and Administrators. It’s not unusual for Amy to walk in and say Hey, I was thinking about ________ what can we do to help them? Whether it is a student, coworker, or Administrator she is always for what is right and what is best for the school. Her kindness is endless, she is a prayer warrior for many and I am fortunate to not only call her a coworker but also a friend!” - Teresa Grigsby


I would like to nominate Teresa Grigsby for the Panther Praise this week. Teresa has been through a lot this year and always keeps a positive attitude. I not only admire her, but I also truly appreciate her because she is always easy to work with as far as getting kids out of her class and getting information needed about kids. She is a wonderful and supportive friend and colleague to many people in the building and is a fun person to be around! We are so lucky to work with you here at Hayes, Teresa!” - Mandy Wright


"For this week’s Panther Praise, I am nominating a person who is talented in her own profession but would have been a great counselor too because she likely knows the Enneagram personality type of everyone in the building! To know her is to love her. She welcomes everyone into her heart and is a wonderful service provider to her students. I’ve loved getting to work with and know you, Mandy Wright! You are a treasure!" - Leighann Lakes